How Subtle Energy Impacts Business Success: Clearing the Chaos Factor

A Complete Guide to Success Energy

Some work can be draining, especially when you’re ready to break out into your own gig or level up at your job. Over here at Sheevaun Moran, we believe in the power of ENERGETIC SOLUTIONS®  for success. The idea behind this is that we are all capable of harnessing the energies that float around our workplaces and other places in which we spend time. The key to benefiting from success energy is learning to use those energies to benefit our work. 

Contrary to popular belief, success energy does not come from the mind, but rather from the external environment. You may be wondering how you can begin to even recognize energy in any world, let alone harness it for your benefit. 

Here’s how you can get started:

Once you’ve begun to pick up on energies floating around your spaces, it’s important to clean up and clear out. When it comes to “cleaning up” your energy, nature can help us tidy up our energetic fields. In nature, it may seem like the mind gets quiet, but the energy is actually calm rather than chaotic. Much of your chaotic mental experience in the workplace and throughout your daily life does not stem from a lack of inner peace, but rather from external chaos to which we have all been desensitized. “Cleaned up” energies allow for a better work ethic, more natural determination, organization, and more productive and passionate energy in the workplace.

You can clean up your energy with any of the following methods:

  • Spending time in nature, grounding
  • Burning high frequency incense to cleanse the air and its energy (note: keep in mind that white sage is endangered in many places and should be reserved for traditional Indigenous practices)
  • Using a soothing spray to “eat up” negative energy
  • Clapping
  • Cutting cords

When you begin to clear your energy with these techniques, you’ll begin to feel a sense of peace come over you. Clapping and cutting cords are the most beginner-friendly ways to shift energy for success because they are both ways to embody the cleansing of negative energy and the shift towards energy for success. The physical act of cutting cords is important because our minds are not sharp enough to do the cutting for us. 

Once you’ve tidied up your energetic field, it’s important to identify where the chaotic energy came from in the first place. Getting rid of chaotic energy is the first step in creating a space where you can meet your goals and be as successful as you are meant to be.

Think about how you might shift that energy toward an intention and ultimately the RESULTS of success. Watch this video series for some inspiration to help you get started! We are here to help you become and remain energetically aligned and attract good karma into your life. If you have any questions, concerns, or need any guidance, contact us via our website

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