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The other day I was scrolling social media🧐, and that’s not usual for me, and yet I just kept going and started gaming the algorithm so I could see more of my connections. 

I did this both on LinkedIn and on Facebook and here’s what I didn’t notice until I saw a previous client share something about what they’re up to. Then I started noticing wow a lot of my clients are up to some pretty dang cool things🤩. 

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Here’s a little recap:

  • He was an anxious sorta tech guy and he’s now produced three Broadway shows that have won Tony’s.
  • She was an HR employee and she’s now a professor and executive coach.
  • He now has a technology that erases dangerous tattoos from ex-gang members.
  • She has taken her company to multimillions with expanded visions.
  • He was stuck on what to sell and now has a huge t-Shirt company.
  • She was an underpaid coach, around $12k a year, and now is on track to $900K.
  • He was an attorney with cancer and now has vibrant health and the largest spiritual bookstore in California.
  • She was a burned-out and had quit PR person and now has an amazing platform that democratizes that industry.
  • She is an attorney who now also has written a children’s book and has a patented product for boats.
  • He was a coder who found his inner healer.
  • She was a broken-down millionaire with lots of lawsuits and now has rebuilt her empire.
  • He is a physician who now has opened an integrative health center.
  • She was an exec in tech and now has a big internet marketing business.
  • He was an exec who opened a successful men’s school
  • Oh, and those are just a few that I’ve noticed lately…

I am so humbled to have been the nudge, push, mentor, advisor, etc. to help them achieve their bigger next steps and prosperity. 

It seems like a lot of noise out there and my specialty is helping you achieve your unique special offering while you’re monetizing the whole thing with ease and more flow. 

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