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Reasons Being Competitive is Not Wrong For You

Being competitive – especially in the workplace – has gotten a bad rap over the past few
years. Many modern-day managers claim that they’re looking for people to collaborate with their
co-workers, not compete.

The marketplace of ideas, products, programs and offerings is filled with many competitive
concepts and when you get your unique idea right, clear, in alignment all while knowing about
the competition, can help or hinder. Read on as I go into this more.

While there are times when collaboration and teamwork are important for productivity, that
doesn’t mean you need to kill your competitive spirit.

Here’s how a competitive advantage can actually benefit you, even if you do not like competition – regardless of what your end goal may be.

Being Competitive Keeps You Motivated

Being competitive means that you always have something better to strive for – whether it’s
new idea, shift in your product, marketing, in a job a new promotion, a bigger salary, or just
separating yourself from your co-workers. Constantly working toward the bigger opportunity also means it’s easier to stay motivated too.

Important NOTE for Non-competitive people: You may have the same goals, but you can
struggle more to find the motivation they need to beat out the competition. They may dream
about that new promotion, but more often than not, they watch the bigger salary or new office go to the person who had the drive to work late nights or go the extra mile. The ones in fear about competing are those who often get stuck in chaotic thinking, ideas and stay spinning because they don’t want to get “it” wrong.

You’re Constantly Improving

When you’re competitive, you’re driven to constantly do better and be better. Sometimes this
means becoming better than the people around you, but other times, you’re competing with

Think of a professional runner. A competitive runner may start off at a ten minute mile, but they
won’t be satisfied until they hit the seven minute mark. It’s their competitive advantage that
drives them to constantly improve until they hit their goal. They’ll analyze their weaknesses,
focus on their strengths, and put in the work until they hit the time they want.

The same goes for anyone with that natural competitive advantage. Competition means plenty
of self-reflection because you’re constantly looking for ways to be better.

You Know What You’re Aiming For

Non-competitive people don’t always mind staying where they’re at, or figuring out their goals as they come. In the workplace, it’s the non-competitive people who don’t mind staying in the same office or getting passed over for promotions time and time again.

Competitive people, however, always need clear goals or achievements to strive for. As a result,
they also always know what they’re aiming for, and this purpose keeps them on track for self-

You Are Your Biggest Supporter

Everyone needs outside support, but when you’ve got a competitive advantage, you’re also your biggest cheerleader. With a goal in sight, you’ll encourage yourself to work harder, hit your
milestones, and do whatever you need to until you get what you want.

Design your day to begin with supportive ideas and positive thoughts. Make sure that you have
things set up in your environment to be more uplifting and scheduling so that you get closer to
your goals.

Closing Thoughts

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