Step Into The Magic

So many things happening in the world right now.

As I speak there is a gaggle of helicopters hovering above my house to honor a fallen pilot and that’s just in my local vicinity.

Then the world and what’s to come and the past two years.

And then in my own world a few really weird out-of-character circumstances that have rocked things.

But at the very core of it all lies the truth of each of us. The truth is you’re here for something important.

You’re here to step into the flow and achieve more
wonderful results.

But what you’ll be doing about now when things are
so rocky is … stepping back. Taking those anxious
thoughts and ideas and slowing down, taking the easy
way out.

You’ll communicate less. Hide. Only try texting folks
rather than stepping into a real conversation.

But you want the magic and the stinking thinking is only going to get you down more quickly.

Wanting the magic is good.

And the steps to magic are needed to get to the real magic and results that you desire.

Want another step…maybe even a leap😏?

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