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Hey everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success and today’s topic is marketing mistakes number three. I often hear from small, medium, and even large business owners who have an aversion to emails. If they do emails they forget one very important thing they think that if they send an email that people aren’t going to like them well people signed up for your email so that they could get more information about what you do or you know find out what’s happening in your world.

The Really fascinating thing about marketing is we tell ourselves stories about what we should and should and and what we wouldn’t want around marketing and the truth of the matter is we are not the customer we created our businesses so that we could surf our hearts most people anyway so that we can serve from our heart and really share the message and the magic and the things that we’re good at so we can help another. The Really fascinating thing is marketing has to happen people have to market. I talked a lot about this during covid with some of our business clients and groups and our masterminds that we had.

Bloomingdale’s did a really good thing they had two emails that went out a day now most people would say oh God that’s horrible. I wouldn’t do I wouldn’t send too many emails a day but listen Bloomingdale stayed around and many did not and I buy things from small stores and then I hear it never hear from those people again I never hear back from them and they don’t send me an email. It’s really confounding to me because I want to know. We have busy lives emails are a way to get a message out that we want to share or something that we have new.

So really wrap your head around sending more emails really really wrap your head around it and then in the next one I’m going to talk about the biggest biggest mistake that happens in every single person’s marketing. Every single person it’s hilarious we do it sometimes and we catch it and fix it later but it is one of the biggest mistakes.

So stay tuned subscribe like say hello make a comment tell me something that’s going on in your marketing world or just go to and check out the cool stuff so many free things to help you with so many opportunities so many things to get your marketing really from your heart and get your Prosperity going my name is Sheevaun Moran have a great day.

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