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Everybody Sheevaun Moran here, Driving For Your Success. And today’s topic is about upliftment. And one of the reasons we get out of the habit to get out of being uplifted is, is sugar is alcohol, being around negative people, watching the news too much, believing our inner drama and dialogue about what won’t and can’t and wouldn’t, and couldn’t happen for us, meaning what isn’t working for us.

So we’re looking at the UNS. I call them the UNS. We’re looking at the won’ts, wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t, and can’t. And we’re actually looking at those with more intensity and intention, rather than looking for upward thought, upward, uplifting thoughts, and ideas. And it does take some time and energy and opportunity for you to ingest those again and again and again.

So in one of my communities, we do a mastermind and we had one with somebody who is complaining a lot about how tired they were and sleeping in and snoozing and blah, blah, tired, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And one of the challenges I gave to this person was I want you to post in the group for 30 days, I am energized. And so this person posted in the group every day for 30 days, I am energized and sure enough, radical things happened in her world. I am energized. That’s all she did increase. It helped increase her business.

It helped her stop complaining. It helped her find new opportunities with clients and prospects. It helped her connect with more of the right people, rather than the complainer, the lack thinking people, it helped her have more energy and it actually helped her have more energy. And so, what started to occur was that other folks started jumping on the bandwagon and they finally realized that, Hey, this thing I am energized posted every day actually works.

So upliftment is something that you must do in order for you to follow the trail of being uplifted. It is not something that is, is a common and ordinary step and state. We are not taught to stay in an uplifted state unless we are really doing the work to stay or be in an uplifted state. So go for the IM energized 30 days, type it below, and tell me that you’re energized, right? And why you’re at it. Hey, subscribe and share. Thanks so much. This is Sheevaun Moran. Have an awesome day.

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