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In the first installment of 8 of The Tree of Life Podcast, I talk about your Energetic Business Blueprint. How to get one and how to grow it from a seedling to a thriving business. Do you know what your Energetic Business Blueprint is? Are you looking to better define one? Then read below to learn more…

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It is said, you will know the tree by the fruits. And if you look at a business or business coach, you will always know the origination of the idea and the actual tree by the fruits, meaning the sales, meaning the results, the rewards, etc. And when you think of the tree of life, a business is kind of like a tree of life.

It is going to give you an opportunity to go from a seedling of an idea to sprout on up, out through the dirt. And that is the most difficult time and place and the most difficult circumstance for any entrepreneur, particularly one who has been enmeshed in a job and a pay wage mentality because the mind has been trained to really look for consistency of that security of the paycheck. And the fascinating thing is that you have the opportunity to really get freedom.

Once you can break out of that mindset and that seedling of an idea, you know, you want to have lots of seedlings of an idea because it’s not just one seed that you plant in the soil that has that all of them grow. It’s many seedlings of an idea. So when you’re first starting out, you need many seedlings of an idea and yes, you’re going to have to find one and fulfill and follow through on that one. However, you’re going to find a bunch of hits and misses and pivots along the way. And if you can think of those as different seeds that needed to be planted before anything could totally resprout into a tree, then you actually can become the tree.

And then there’s the challenge of once the tree starts to grow, is the environment going to support that tree? Or really stunt the tree’s growth or actually even kill the tree, not enough food, air, water, minerals.

And that’s the same for a business.

Once you have the seedling of the idea, it starts to sprout through and you get it out there into the world. Are you doing all of the right things inside of you that are going to nourish that idea or are you spreading that out into too many ideas without consistency? It’s the people who are super focused on one idea that become the greatest successes sometimes takes a short amount of time, sometimes it takes a longer amount of time, but that super focused, consistent aim and consistent effort is going to yield the most fruitful opportunities and the most beautiful fruit, rewards, connections, collaborations, sales… It’s going to be a beautiful circumstance where all of these things start to flourish.

Now the challenge that you’re going to face inside of yourself is, are you giving up before the seedling is pushing through the earth?

Are you nourishing yourself and nourishing your community that you wish to have your business provide a service or product to?

Are you doing what you can in order to get that word out there?

And the challenge that we face is we have this magical thinking syndrome that once we put it out there, people are just going to find it. And while that may have been true in a one-horse town and you could put your sign up and say lawyer or accountant or bar or whatever, as there became more and more folks in that community, then each of those lawyers, accountants, bars had to get more creative what they were going to do in order to bring clients and customers in.

And now that we’re in a very noisy town (world), we really have to be that much more certain within ourselves. And we actually have to be that much more of ourselves out there in our own unique way. Getting our message out there in little guerrilla marketing ways, meaning putting flyers and cards and networking and conversations, etc. out there again and again and again. And also really, really making sure that everything inside our organization is doing what it needs to do in order to get that message clearly heard by others. Now, the challenge that we face is if we’re not clear and we think the whole world is our customer, we’re wrong. And if we really say, okay, the world isn’t our customer, but this type of person, this exact person is my customer. You can talk to that customer. When you write and you do videos and you post and you tweet and do all the things that you have the opportunity to do to get your message out there. And then magical things start happening.

But if you’re talking to everyone, you cannot talk to anyone.

If you’re trying to yell in a crowded, uh, in a crowded room and you don’t have a megaphone to get to people’s attention, then you can be sure that no one will hear you. Maybe a few people around you will see you waving your arms and your hands and speaking at something.

But can they really hear you?

Can they feel you inside their heart?

And one of the most important things about being able to be felt inside somebody’s heart is to talk to what is that you do that they need to hear from you? About. So think about that for a few minutes and really give yourself an opportunity to step into what is it that happens when you’re one on one and speaking to somebody and you could see the lights going off behind their eyes and you can feel that they’re engaged and they’re ready for more from you and you want to continue to speak to that one person.

Because if you continue to speak to that one person, then more and more and more persons like that, one person can hear you, they can resonate with you. And while I know you’re trying to conquer the world with getting your business out there and multitudes of ways because you are comparing yourself to, I dunno, gosh, one of the Kardashians or some other Instagram influencer, I know many of them are not making the income that I know that you have in your soul’s potentiality. So talking to that one person and really having them hear your heart and that heart-to-heart conversation is what you really want to do.

What is an Energetic Business Blueprint?

So in my case, if you’re that kind of person who has done a lot of work on themselves. They were doing well and successful and another type of their life and they found that there’s this one particular area or a few areas that are totally tanking and you can’t break through into something new and it feels like you’re doing the right things, but you’re actually going in the wrong direction, then that’s the type of person I help and I use a technology that I created that is an energetic technology that is actually like an Energetic Business Blueprint.

And yet there are business blueprints and there are all kinds of business formulas and so on and so forth. But an Energetic Business Blueprint is where we take what you are doing, what you want to do, what your soul is here to do, and your capacity to have income. And we put that all together so that we can work within you and in your market, teach you to work within your market to get heard and to get paid and to do it with integrity, with honesty, with authenticity, with your purpose and your passion. And then prosperity is really, really being yours that you can walk through the world and be heard by the right folks and that prosperity comes to you. It sounds simple. I know that it sounds completely simple.

However, what you want to think about is it’s simple, but it is not easy.

It takes a unique kind of person to really allow themselves to be held by the hand, to be held to a high standard and to really learn to take what’s inside of them, to get out there and communicate in a way that selling at the right price because many people sell things, but they’re often at the wrong price and really give yourself the commitment and consistency. So what I’m here to help you do is really see a new you and really get out into the market to achieve that new you, that new prosperity, that new business blueprint that is coming through you. Whether you have an existing organization or you have a startup of an idea or you’re really just wanting to break free into more income. That’s where I shine. Bring this Energetic Business blueprint together for you.

So if that sounds kind of interesting, then reach out to me and reach out to us or really start out with our application at

And that’s going to give you actually a little bit of an idea of what’s already going on inside of you. And then we give you a couple of steps. Once you apply there, we give you a couple of steps to take immediately. We give you three videos, we give you a couple of steps immediately to take, and really get going. And if we do nothing with that, I understand that. But if we are able to help you and get you to your next awesome purpose, passion, and prosperous place, then let’s do this. My name is Sheevaun Moran, and I really am your advocate for you being that Tree of Life and Tree of Success. Have an awesome day!

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