How To Boost Energy At Work & Improve Your Team’s Performance

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Everyone has days when their energy levels are at an all-time low, when they just can’t seem to focus on work, and when ticking items off their to-do list seems like mission impossible. Figuring out how to boost energy at work can be a constant struggle.

It’s frustrating, yet completely normal to feel this way now and again.

However, if you’ve started to notice that your team members seem drained and distracted more often than not, something needs to change. Luckily, as a leader, there are plenty of things you can do to get your team back on the right track.

Learn how to boost energy at work with my five simple tips!

1. Spend More Time With Each of Your Team Members

I know what you’re thinking.

“I already have so much on my plate, I simply don’t have time to do this”.

Hey, I understand. Team leaders are busy. However, team leaders are also responsible for keeping the employees’ morale levels up and you can’t do that unless you know what motivates them.

Go on one-on-one lunches, have coffee breaks, or schedule 10-minute feedback meetings – as long as you put in the effort to understand what a good working environment looks like for your team and how to boost energy efficiency.

NOTE: Steve Jobs took his meetings on a walk about and that accomplished many aspects of connection, time, freeing up energy and allowing more creativity.

2. Have Healthy Snacks Available at the Office

I can’t stress enough how much nutrition and diet impact one’s performance at work.

Although we all crave chocolate, fries, or cake sometimes, this type of food only leads to energy crashes. Fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and raw veggies, on the other hand, slowly release energy throughout the day.

And trust me, if you have these snacks available for free at the office, your employees will naturally start eating them more often.

NOTE: I had one client that went as far as having someone deliver yummy green juices to their office and their productivity soared.

3. Provide Ergonomic Working Tools

A comfortable employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive one.

Investing in ergonomic furniture and tools, which range from chairs and desks to monitor risers, adjustable keyboards and wrist rest, will help you ensure that your employees maintain a good posture and don’t struggle with constant pain, which will reflect on their productivity.

You don’t have to revamp your office all at once, but my tip is that you allocate a part of your budget to new, ergonomic tools. An amazing chair is the cornerstone of all ergonomic solutions and better spine health.

4. Make Sure the Office Is Always Clean

Studies have shown that a messy workspace has a negative impact on one’s productivity levels and I’m sure you can understand why. After all, if you’re surrounded by clutter and chaos, how can you focus on what truly matters?

In order to make sure clutter isn’t harming your team’s performance, simply hire a team to come and clean your office at least once a week.

5. Remember to Show Gratitude

Last but certainly not least, remember to say “Thank you”! I use the word appreciate a lot when I speak to my team.

It takes a few seconds, yet it can make the world of a difference in how willing your team members are to give it 110% every day at work, so… why wouldn’t you do it?

Understanding how to boost energy at work doesn’t have to be a long, difficult process. All you need to do is start seeing employee satisfaction as a priority and you’ll quickly realize what gets your team members going! These are the first steps to good energy but here are some other “non-traditional” steps and thoughts on getting the energy and high performance going…

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