Why Your Keyboard Is Killing Your Business & What To Do About It

Lately, I’ve been on with clients who are admittedly a bit lazy…

I don’t mean couch potato lazy – but the I “shouldn’t have to do this stuff” kinda lazy. 

When it comes to running any sort of business (online or offline), finding ways to ease your workload will be the key difference between working IN your business versus working ON your business. If you’re anything like me, you’d rather have the latter. 

So thinking about this and realizing you may be in the same boat here’s something to consider – especially if you’re still struggling to expand your business.

I got this idea from a copywriter friend of mine and they are so right …  Your keyboard is killing your online sales.

I’d never put it to clients in those few words but truth is that you’re getting in your way behind a screen and the keyboard…

So one thing I recommend is to make sure you’re talking to “your people”. The right people who want what you have. 

Because the fact is there is a lot of lookie-loos out there and a lot of people who aren’t really willing to take action and “do the inner, energetic and actual work”. 

To be honest, if you’re not willing to hop on a call with someone then you’re leaving the moolah part of “woolah” on the table. 

You’re here because you want moolah, if not then simply out now. Woolah’s are the most intrepid folks that have so much to give but hide behind keys, screens, and social media. 

Heck one client recently started making many many many more sales because she put her stuff out there and was willing to actually speak with someone. 

attributes of a leader

She had gone through my Unleash Your Prosperity program and things were significantly better and then she got the “lazy habits back into her routine”. 

So we had her re-visit the Unleash Your Prosperity program and viola things were humming again. 

Want to unleash yours? 

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