How to Avoid Mistruths and Boost Your Energy

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Accept what life has to give

Holding mistruths inside you and accepting them from others will drain your energy.

There are dozens of reasons why people tell mistruths. Sometimes, these mistruths are for the benefits of others, such as to avoid hurt feelings. Other times, they are self-protective, and are used to hide something about ourselves from others. In many cases, though, mistruths are said out of selfishness. People may use mistruths to: take advantage of others, avoid responsibility, out of fear, or because they want to gain others’ praise or trust.

Mistruths Take Your Energy

Mistruths and lies are extremely negative, and holding them or accepting them from others is like taking a ball of negative energy and placing it in your core. While you may be able to deal with mistruths for awhile, eventually, they will defeat you, drain your energy, and affect your business and your money.

Demand the Truth & Tell it Yourself

The best way to beat out negative energy caused by mistruths is to demand the truth, and to always tell the truth yourself. If you are in a relationship with a partner, friend, relative, or coworker who does not tell you the truth, do not accept this as your reality. Furthermore, do not allow yourself to lie just because they do. Hold yourself to the highest standard possible, and watch as your energy improves.


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