How to Have a Productive Disagreement

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Do you know how to resolve differences peacefully?

Do you know how to resolve differences peacefully?

Having a conversation with another person where you totally disagree, and both leave the conversation mad or upset, is completely pointless, and solves nothing. Here are some tips for how to have a product disagreement that you can walk away from feeling good about:

Put Your Emotions Aside

Trying to have a productive conversation when your emotions are raging will not get you anywhere, and will likely cloud your ability to think rationally. Ask what emotion you are brining to the table, and put it aside if necessary for the sake of discuss. Cut the cords and your emotions will calm down.

Cut the cords

Ask What’s Most Important

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is putting being right over the health of their relationship with a friend, family member, or coworker. Ask yourself: is proving your point more important that your relationship? Chances are, it’s probably not. That might mean letting go of something.

Frame it Right

Rather than saying, “I think that you are going about this the wrong way,” try: “I’ve noticed that when I do this, I have great results.” There is a big difference, and if you present things in the second way, you’re likely to see more positive feedback from the person to whom you are speaking.

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Learn How to Disagree Civilly.

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