Setting Goals in 2018 – Tips for Greater Amounts of Success

Ring in the New Year with some new goals.

2018 is only a few days away, which means you probably have your New Year’s resolutions ready to be announced. To help you stick to your goals this year and actually accomplish them, consider these tips for greater amounts of success for setting goals in 2018-

1. Make a SMART Goal

Before you list off your goals and resolutions for 2018, maybe take some time to review your goals for 2017. What did you learn? What did you achieve? If you gave up on your goals early, what went wrong? After reviewing last year’s goals, double check to make sure your goal is SMART. 

S- Specific;

M- Measurable;

A- Attainable;

R- Relevant and Realistic; and

T- Time specific.

Tell People About Your Goals

If you’re excited to announce your New Year’s resolutions – good for you! Announcing your resolutions can help you to stay on track, and gives you a list of trusted friends and family members to hold you accountable. Even better: don’t just announce your goals, ask a loved one to get involved!

Break Goals Into Smaller Goals with Specific Timelines

Finally, one way to be more successful in your goals this year is to break your big goals into a number of smaller, more attainable goals. These smaller goals should be equally specific, and should be time-bound as well. For example, if your goal is to run a half marathon by July, each week should be broken up into specific training and mileage goals.

Have you had success accomplishing goals in the past? What helped to get you there?


Setting Goals In 2018

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