Business Misconceptions That Are Costing You Money

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beach image eyes rightIn the business world, there are multiple untruths that do more than just delay your progress or upset the process; they may be costing you money, too. Here are three things that you may have misinformed beliefs about:

Other Small Business Owners Want to Run You Out of Business

Yes, it’s a competitive world. But that doesn’t mean that other small businesses are plotting against you or hoping for your demise, even if you are offering a similar product. In fact, when the market is tough, working your competitors may be advantageous.

You’re Giving the Market What it Wants

Maybe, but are you sure? If you haven’t conducted recent market data to know exactly what your consumers are looking for, you may be putting out a product that is no longer the hot item, or marketing in a way that is obsolete.

Expansion Is the Goal

Again, maybe bigger is better. But then again, maybe keeping your business at its current size while increasing your profits is the key – you don’t necessarily need more stores and more employees to do that, and these things can be costly.

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What Truths Do You Know About Business?

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