Latest Research on Meditation is Great for Mind and Body  

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Meditation has long been a tool used by those with spiritual expertise.

There is a lot to learn from the success of others - are you paying attention?

Meditation and mindfulness create ease.

However, its benefits extend well beyond that, and may be helpful to all persons, regardless

of field, age, or meditation experience level. A new study shows that meditation changes both the mind and the body.

Reducing Stress and More

To come to conclusions, researchers recruited 35 unemployed men who were incredibly stressed because they could not find work. All had blood drawn and brains scanned. Then, half of the participants were taught mindful mediation; the other half participated in faux mindful meditation (i.e., people talked and laughed during the session rather than focusing on their bodies).

After three days, all participants felt better. But those who had actually participated in true mindful mediation showed changes in their brains. And four months later, the mindful meditation group had healthier blood markers, too.

Life Changing Success

Mindful mediation may result in life-changing success, on a personal and business level. If you have not tried it yet, now is the day to start. Sheevaun Moran, success coach and mentor, can help you learn to meditate for health and prosperity today.

Learn to Meditate Now.


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