Are You Being Rude Without Realizing It?

What do you coworkers think of you?
What do you coworkers think of you?

You may be a perfectly nice and well-intentioned person. But have you ever noticed that people react poorly to you or seem turned off by you when you’re least expecting it? Here are a few things that you may be doing that are (unintentionally) rude:

Publically Pointing Out a Coworker’s Mistake

Have you ever pointed out an error or flaw about one of your co-workers but in a way that everyone knows about it, like a team meeting or email? Rather than doing this, ask your co-worker privately what happened that resulted in the error; create a plan to catch the mistake before it happens next time.

Steamrolling Subordinates

If you have any power in your place of work, do you use that power to intimate others and get what you want? Remember that your co-workers and employees help to make your business great; always treat them with respect, pay attention to their concerns, and take responsibility for your own errors when appropriate.

Going Over Someone’s Head

No one likes it when you go over their head – speaking to their boss or directly to a vendor, etc. – it order to get your way. It is rude to go over someone’s head, regardless of the situation.

Learn Grace in Interactions.


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