Will Rejecting Your Feelings of Sadness Have a Negative Effect on You?

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Being happy all of the time isn’t necessarily good for you.

You’ve probably heard the advice that when you’re feeling sad, you should just “fake it until you make it,” which essentially means that you should dismiss your feelings of sadness and focus on just being happy. And to an extent, this makes sense; no one wants to be sad. What’s more, it is true that sometimes we wallow in sadness for no reason, indulging in self pity.

But there are also times when rejecting your feelings of sadness may actually make you feel worse.

Putting Your Emotions Into Perspective

The problem with rejecting sadness is multifaceted, starting with the fact that sadness is a natural human emotion that humans have no doubt been experiencing for eons. Rejecting it may be rejecting a very innate part of yourself.

What’s more, sadness allows you to put your emotions into perspective. Without sadness, you wouldn’t have happiness either – you would just have a straight and constant emotion. In this sense, not feeling sadness may actually detract from the levels of happiness that you can experience.

How to Have Your (Sadness) Cake and Eat it, Too

The take away is that you shouldn’t reject your sadness, but you shouldn’t let the act of feeling sad control your life, either. Instead, acknowledge your sadness. Talk to it, ask it why it’s there and what you need to do to make it go away. Then move forward, but never move forward without paying attention to your sadness and understanding it first.

How do you handle sadness?


Sadness Having A Negative Effect?

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