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What Do Your Purchases Say About Your Values?  

Do your purchases reflect your values?
Do your purchases reflect your values?

You have probably heard the phrase, “Put your money where your mouth is.” The phrase means, essentially, that if you believe in something or have a certain value system, where you spend your money should reflect that. Take a moment and reflect right now: are your purchases reflective of your values?

What Do You Spend the Most Money On?

First, take a look at your bank account and analyze your purchases over the past month – what do you spend the most money on? Food? Clothing? Electronics? Are those things that you need? Are they things that you value? Could you cut back? Are you making charitable contributions, too?

Within Your Spending Categories, What Do You Value?

Look at your spending categories again. Now, try to determine whether or not those spending categories have individual value categories within themselves. For example, do you value organic or local food? Products made sans child labor? Sustainable clothing?

Rethink Your Spending

Finally, don’t just think about what your purchases say about your values but whether or not your purchases are adding value to your own life.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.


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