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Digging Yourself Out of Poopy-ville

Are you choosing success for yourself?
Are you choosing success for yourself?

Some days you wake up and it feels as if the world is your oyster; other days, you are basically sitting in Poopy-ville. This rollercoaster of life can be confusing and exhausting, and digging yourself out of a crappy situation takes work.

Pay Attention to the Journey

If you pay attention, you will see that there are some clear messages and energies that you have been exposed to all of your life. The fact that life goes from good to bad to worse and then better is a concept that is perpetuated by the media and others. However, you are not pre-programmed for this and you do not have to choose this.

Your Choice Is Your Victory

Your choice is your victory, and you have the ability to pursue the dreams you’ve wished for. While you may have lows and highs, you also have the ability to make a choice to take action towards a more even keel.

In fact, the basics of human nature can be summed up to include this final thing: Choice.

You get to choose to be a victim or a victor, to grow or die a little every day. You also have a choice to stay on course or to stray from it.

If you want to stay in Poopy-ville, keep focusing on it; negative thinking will only dig you deeper and deeper.

Make a Choice for Success.


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