Anxiety Is Anticipating Failure

Do you think that you will fail?
Do you think that you will fail?

Anxiety is characterized by feeling uneasy or worried, and it is a feeling that we have all experienced at some point. Typically, anxiety is associated with an uncertain outcome about something, and for this reason, anxiety is the anticipation of failure. 

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Anxiety can be a self-fulfilling prophecy; because you have anxiety about the fact that you may fail, you fail. Remember, however, that success, too, can also be something that you predict – rather than surrounding yourself with  stress about the unknown, you should focus on the idea that you will achieve what you set out to do.

Other Ways of Combating Anxiety

For some people, thinking positively alone is not enough to combat anxiety. For these people, other tactics may need to be engaged in order to reduce or prevent anxiety and the anticipation of failure. Meditation, breathing exercises, eating well, spending time with friends and family, writing or engaging in a hobby may all be helpful methods of reducing anxiety.

Don’t Worry Yourself Into Failure

Your failure or success is a choice that you are in control of. Do not worry yourself into failure. Remember, if you are anxious about something, it may very well be because the outcome is unknown and you are pessimistic about it.


Change Your Attitude. 


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