When Blessings Are Disguised – How to Give Gratitude

blessings in life
Do you know how to recognize the good in your life, even when things are tough?

It is easy to be thankful, feel lucky and be happy when things in life are going your way. You just got a promotion. You and your spouse are connecting better than you have in years. Your kid just made the honor roll. Life is good.

But it is much harder to give gratitude and maintain a positive attitude when life is happening in a way that is not how you envisioned and perhaps even contrary to what you wanted. It can be nearly impossible to feel thanks when “bad” things are happening to us.

Giving Thanks When It’s Difficult

One of the keys to happiness and peace is being able to recognize that all of life’s events are supposed to happen that way, and being able to give gratitude and thanks even when your perception of life is that things are not going your way.

Outlook Is a Choice

Every day is a new opportunity to change your perspective and approach a situation with a new mindset. Take the opportunity today to realize all of your blessings – even those that are disguised – and approach them with positivity. Positive energy breeds positive energy; negative energy does the same.

Improve Your Outlook & Your Life. 


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