Do You Have Any of these 5 Worries?

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What worries are holding you back?

What worries are holding you back?

Worries can hold you back and prevent you from reaching your true potential. Here are five common worries and what you should do to squash them.

1. Fear of Not Being Liked

Many people have a fear of others not liking them and will change parts of their personality or do things they don’t want as a result.

2. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is perhaps the most common worry, as well as one of the most limiting. So many people are so afraid of failure that they avoid even trying.

3. Fear of Being Fired

Do you know people who are constantly worried that any misstep they take at their place of employment will result in them being fired? This is a common fear for many, and most of the time is completely unfounded.

4. Fear of Being Left

Like being fired, fear of being left is founded in the same insecurity and lack of self-value. Many people worry that their partner will leave them if they make a mistake, aren’t “good enough” and more.

5. Fear of Loss

Loss can be emotionally hard to handle and fear of losing things – from jobs to loved ones to strength to just about anything that you can think of – often grips people. Loss is a normal part of life; learning to embrace loss at times is healthy.

If you suffer from any of the fears listed above, working with a success coach can be empowering.

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