The Importance of Admitting Fault, Learning, and Growing  

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    “You can be right only if you’re willing to be wrong.” – Sheevaun Moran

You can be holding yourself back with a need to be right.

You can be holding yourself back with a need to be right.

Saying “I was wrong,” is an act that is often associated with weakness. It may also be associated with ineptness, guilt, and embarrassment, as most errors often are. But being able to admit fault and apologize isn’t only a sign of strength, but also one that can help you immensely on the path to success.

How to Admit You Were Wrong

When admitting an error, it’s important that you’re genuine. Take time to think about the error, why you were wrong, and what you could have done differently. If necessary, apologize to those who were affected by the wrong.

Learn and Grow from the Mistake

Being able to admit fault is not just great because it shows humility, but also because it presents you with a unique opportunity to learn and grow from your mistakes. When you’re willing to be wrong, you’ll be put on the path to being right, achieving greater success, and uncovering your full potential.

Knowing that you can only be right if you’re willing to be wrong is an important lesson to learn – coach and mentor Sheevaun Moran can help you to learn that lesson today.

Start Growing from Your Mistakes Today.

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