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The Principles of Mindfulness

Do you understand mindfulness?

You have probably heard quite a few things about being mindful. However, you may not quite understand what mindfulness means, or how to achieve it. Here are some principles of mindfulness to help you define the term and to consider as you move through life:

Be Present

Perhaps the most important characteristic of being mindful is to focus on being present. This means focusing your attention on the present moment, and not thinking about something outside of what is happening to you right now. Being present and being content with the present go hand-in-hand.

Be Open and Inviting

Another component of mindfulness is to be open and inviting to new experiences and challenges, even if they seem difficult. Psychology Today describes this process as creating mental spaciousness.

Be Comfortable With Things As They Are

Whether you are happy or sad, content or longing, part of being mindful means being comfortable with whatever feelings you are experiencing. This does not mean that you have to be happy about feeling sad; rather, it means that when you are experiencing an emotion, you should allow yourself to recognize it with an open-mind. Do not pass judgement on your emotions, just as you should not pass judgement on others.

What other components of mindfulness would you add to this list?

Access Clarity with Ease


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