Tips for Staying Positive and Bright When It’s Cold and Dark  


With cold weather coming, learn how to keep your energy levels high.
With cold weather coming, learn how to keep your energy levels high.

Now that winter is at our heels, getting out of bed in the morning, being productive, and finding the energy to do it all is even more difficult than before. Even if you do not suffer from seasonal affective disorder, being productive during the cold can be challenging. But while you may feel tempted to hunch over a cup of coffee in your PJs, doing so won’t do much for success. Here are some tips for staying positive and keeping your energy flowing even when it’s cold out:

Get Some Vitamin D

Our bodies are connected to the earth and the sun. When you are not getting enough sunlight, you may fall into a slump. If you do not live in a sunny area where sun is present throughout all months of the year, consider investing in a sun lamp and increasing the amount of vitamin D supplements that you take.

Don’t Forget to Keep Moving

We have talked before about how movement is sometimes all it takes to jumpstart your energy. When you’re cold and feeling unproductive, this movement is especially important. If you’re mind is feeling cluttered, get up and do five jumping jacks at your desk. If you have the time, walk to the store instead of driving. Get your body moving to stimulate blood flow.

Set a Small Goal For Yourself to Stay Positive

Focusing on the positives in your life is a great way to keep your energy flowing. Make a goal to do something positive every day. Maybe this means writing down something that you are grateful for; maybe it means paying three people in your office a compliment each day.

To learn more about how to stay positive and keep your energy levels high, consult with Sheevaun Moran today.

Keep Your Energy Levels Elevated This Winter.


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