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How to Change Your Money Habits in 2018

Changing your relationship with money is a very doable challenge

It’s the new year, which means a perfect opportunity to change your habits, routines, and rethink your relationships, including your relationship with money. Forbes recently released an article with some great tips for managing your money and changing your habits in 2018; here’s some advice from them, as well as some of our own–

Understand WHY Being Financially Responsible Is Important

Understanding why being financially responsible is so important may provide you with the motivation you need to actually do it. Think about your long- and short-term goals, your current financial woes, and what you want from your life and how money may help you to get it.


The second thing you should focus on when changing your money habits is to make a list of your priorities. Obviously, food and shelter will make the top of this list – what’s next? If you have debt, paying off your debt should be something that you focus on heavily. If you don’t, do you want to buy a house? Pay for grad school? Have a child?


Finally, something that we think can really change your relationship with money is to have a plan. Having a plan for your money is different than having a goal; having a plan means that you are taking steps every day to reach your goal. Create a plan for your paycheck – how is money being allocated? What about investments? What percentage do you plan to save vs. spend each month?

What can you do to change your relationship with money this year?


How To Change Your Money Habits

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