What Could You Be Doing to Be Happier?  

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The keys to happiness are within your grasp.

The keys to happiness are within your reach.

Happiness is an elusive feeling for many people. If you are not already 100 percent happy, and if you believe that you could be happier, here are a few things to start doing—

Cut Out Negativity

Pay attention to the number of negative comments that you make on a daily basis. For the number of negative comments you make, how many positive ones are said? Apply this same logic to people you spend time around – how negative are they?

Take Responsibility

Another important feature of being a happy person is to take responsibility for your emotions and actions, no matter how much you believe another person is to blame. Regardless of what anyone else does, you are in charge of you, and no one can “make” you feel a certain way or doing something you don’t want to.

Find Purpose

Aimlessness is one of the prime causes of unhappiness, no matter who you are. If you do not feel as though you have a purpose in life, do not wait around to find one. What are you doing for yourself? For others? What do you care about? When you neglect to set goals or have ambitions, life can feel very purposeless and dismal.

Unlock the Keys to Happiness.

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