How to Face Your Fears

What are you afraid of?

Most people have a lot of fears. Some of them are rational (such as the fears associated with undergoing a surgery), and others are fabricated by the mind and are not based in much reality (such as the fear of social rejection should one say something silly at a party). Whatever fears you have, if they are holding you back and preventing you from enjoying life or reaching your full potential in a given field, you should face knowing how to face and overcome them.

Rationalize (And Work with Someone Who’s Rational)

One way to think about your fears is to take some time to rationalize. What are you facing? What evidence do you have for validating this fear? What experiences have you had in the past regarding the fear? What experiences have other people had? What makes you think that you are the same/different from those people? If you’re feeling a little irrational (fear can do this), ask a trusted friend, family member, or co-worker to go over your fears with you.

Make a Decision

One thing that can help you to overcome fear is to commit to making a decision, and then acting on it. Maybe you will decide that pursuing the obstacle of which you’re afraid is not for you; that’s okay. But wavering between the two options will just be more stressful and isn’t worth it in the long run.

Work with a Professional

Another thing that can help you to overcome a fear is to work with a professional. Professionals are great at guiding you through fears and helping you to understand the source of your fears and your potential.


Commit To Making a Decision


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