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Lifestyle Changes to Put More Money in Your Pocket

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Wouldn’t a little more money be great?

Everyone wants a little bit more money. Whether you’re trying to save for something big – like expanding your family by one – or something small – like that delicious meal at your favorite restaurant, there’s nothing wrong with having more cash. Here are some easy lifestyle changes to make to put more money in your pocket.

Use Cash to Pay 

There is no doubt that using cash is less convenient than is using a credit card. But the problem with a credit card is that you may have a greater limit than you do money to pay it off; when you use cash, you can’t go into debt. Using cash also helps you track how much you spend and where.

Stop Going Out So Much

Do you have a bad habit of going out, perhaps for food, drinks or coffee? If you do, try to cut back by committing to eat/drink/coffee at home at least 20 percent more than you currently are. This means that you’ll save at least a modicum of cash.

Spend Money on These Instead 

If you’re going to spend money, start thinking about spending money on experiences, activities or needs rather than on only things. When you spend money on things, you are contributing to a culture of overspending and consumerism and not really adding value to your life. More importantly, you remember the experience much more than 99% of the “things”.

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