The Productive Power Of Using A Schedule

Why is it important to rely on a schedule?

Because the only way to fit everything you need to get done in a 24 hour period is by scheduling your days.

Keep track of your schedule using pen and paper

Find A Tool To Record Your Schedule

With access to tools like Google Calendar and the apps built into most computers and phones, it is easy to edit and stay on top of your schedule.

If you prefer an old-school method, a Moleskine diary or a Filofax calendar is an easy way to keep track of your weekly appointments. It is easier to make changes using a pen and paper. Additionally, you do not have to carry a power bank to ensure your devices are charged.

Pick Time Blocks That Fit Your Schedule

One hour blocks seem to work well for tasks, appointments, and meetings. Some people work well with a 25-minute time block that keeps them focused on the task at hand.

You may find that 25 minutes or 15 minutes are sufficient for some tasks while others might require a few hours. Start with 60-minute increments and adjust from there to find your sweet spot.

Schedule The Important Tasks First

Do you have recurrent tasks that are set and unchangeable? Pen them in and block out those times in advance. These are your non-negotiable activities that are either related to work or personal goals (like working out, time with family, and leisure time).

Don’t forget to block out time daily for sleep.. it really is the most important thing you will do every day.

Ultimately, you will need to tweak your schedule reflect your lifestyle, your priorities and what works best for you.


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