Deep Breathing for Sleep or Relaxation

Breathing techniques can help you to relax.
Breathing techniques can help you to relax.

Many people struggle with falling or staying asleep, relaxing or both. However, a lack of sleep and constant stress and worry can be an unhealthy combination. Stress and fatigue may lead to physical, mental and emotional decline. If you are someone who can’t seem to relax or is having trouble getting enough sleep, learning some deep breathing exercises may prove helpful.

Deep Breathing and Relaxation: The Benefits

There are countless benefits associated with various breathing exercises, including:

All of these benefits can ultimately lead to increased levels of energy, which in turn give you what you need in order to reach success.

How to Breathe Deeply

The great thing about breathing deeply is that anyone can do it, and it doesn’t require any special training or coaching. Try counting your breaths – i.e. inhaling to a count of six, pausing for the count of three, then exhaling to a count of six. This is an ancient powerful technique that gives you consistent calm, like a sleeping baby.

Another breathing technique is described as aggressively and rapidly pushing air out through the nose or mouth, similar to a hyperventilating scenario.. You can also inhale to a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale to a count of four, hold for a count of four, repeat. Breathing from the stomach, where you stand upright and breathe from your diaphragm, can also be helpful.

Focus on your breath as you perform these exercises, and let your mind let go of other stresses in your life.

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