EP 315: Are You an Energetic Gas Guzzler?

I had this out the other day when somebody was telling me about how people were pulling on their energy. I got to thinking are you a fuel guzzler meaning do you guzzle fuel from other people? Some people call that negative psychic energy. Some people call that being a negative Nat or negative Nelly, but maybe you guys are other people’s fuel in order to get yourself moving ahead or maybe you’re a fuel guzzler in a different way. So the different way is you consume a lot of information and you spit it out in order to be of benefit to your tribe, your community, Etc. So to be a fuel guzzler in taking information and transforming it into something which is from Trash to Treasure is the best way to be a fuel guzzler and the interesting thing about you is you can either let it deplete you or inspire you. If it depletes you then you need to go back and listen to some of the other, or watch some of the other videos such as cord-cutting and squashing the books and stuff like that so what can occur is you can get into your own Mojo and your own energy and achieve a refueling because you do this when you wake up in the morning and then take some coffee and stuff like that but what if you did it with energy and information in a proper healthy way so that you can be a catalyst for something new and bigger and more transformative out in the world my name is Sheevaun Moran go subscribe like comment share my some of the other videos so you can get a little bit more inspired and maybe go out there and transmute it into something amazing in your world go to siobhanmaran.com [Music] s-h-e-e-v-a-u-n-m-o-r-a-n.com see you soon!


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