What Is Empathy And How Can It Heal The World?

The message of empathy is always, “I hear you.” Even if you do not agree with the other person’s reasoning, these magic words allow them to feel safe.

Conflict occurs when there is a misunderstanding between two people or communities about each others’ worldviews.

The misunderstanding created in conflict is further accelerated by fear or anger of losing individual rights as a person or people groups.

Empathic skills are key to solving these problems. To show a person that you are willing to step into their shoes and feel what they are feeling makes them feel understood and heard.

Choosing empathy over fear or anger restricts the scope of conflict and leads to better and healthier relationships.

Can you see other people through their own lens?

Learn Empathy By Expanding Your WorldView

To practice being empathic requires moving past our selfish behavior and leaving our ego behind.

To learn this important skill, you need to practice learning about other people’s worldview.

Some politicians will hold a hard stance on a topic until someone in their family demonstrates the opposite behavior.

In Ohio, Senator Rob Portman was initially opposed to gay marriage. He changed his views when his own son came out and confessed to being gay.

Rather than viewing such behavior as hypocritical, see it as an individual developing empathic skill. The Senator was forced to understand the worldview of his son before developing an understanding of the worldview of the LGBT community at large.

The Dalai Lama refers to empathy as the most precious quality a human can possess. 

This really is a solution to end war and violence.


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