Author: Sheevaun

Common Obstacles to Success

Throughout the course of every single person’s life, there will be obstacles to their goals, dreams, and aspirations. This is the case for everyone –…

Getting Rid of the Things You Don’t Need and Moving on

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Finding the Epicenter of Your Goal for Success

A great blog post recently published by advises that if you want to be successful, you only need to focus on one thing: the epicenter….

How to Face Your Fears

Most people have a lot of fears. Some of them are rational (such as the fears associated with undergoing a surgery), and others are fabricated…

What Have You Always Wanted to Do?

Take a minute to close your eyes, sit back, and think about your life and your passions. Surely, there is something that you have always wanted…

Extreme Stress and Rationalization: How Strains Impairs Our Conclusions

Anyone who has ever made a decision when in a stressful situation can probably tell you that stress and your ability to rationalize don’t always…

How to Stick Things Out When the Going Gets Tough

When you get scared, nervous, or unsure about what comes next, your amygdala activates and the fight or flight response kicks into full gear. For…