Stacking for Success | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 5

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Stacking for Success | Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 5
Tree of Life Podcast | Episode 5

This is the Tree of Life podcast with Sheevaun Moran. And we’re about to jump into episode number five. We’ve covered a lot of territory in the concept of the Tree and Life and success and how it applies to health and wealth and business building. And this episode is probably akin to something that you’ve heard but with a metaphor that maybe you’ve not thought about before. And a tree is really always stacking for the future and generally businesses and startups and restarts and resets and growth mode kind of businesses are thinking of year-end and month-end about what are they going to do next. You know, they’re pushing their sales team, et cetera. And we want to call this kind of like stacking for success. And trees do this in a really fascinating way. But generally what happens is in a startup, you know whether this is the first time you’re going out on your own and having your own business or you’ve got a side hustle, is you have the mentality of the job and the vacation.

And then when you’re on vacation, you’re on vacation. Even if you work for somebody. And you’re working, you know during vacation you still have that on my vacation, don’t bother me. Kind of mode and the fascinating thing is talent or stacking for success is imperative and generally, when you’re starting out you’re just stacking for the moment and you’re just trying to get through the day and get the basic bills paid and really take note of where you got to go and you’re, you’re just being able to breathe is what I’ve heard a lot of clients say, even clients who have a, what it looks like they have all of their hustles going properly is like they are just breathing while they’re stacking for success. I was having lunch with a client who has a sizeable retail company the other day and they’re in a growth mode and cash is in a crunch and we were talking about the stacking process and it’s really fascinating that trees do this thing where they stack for the season.

They’re really tapping into the root system to get the intelligentsia of what other trees of in the neighborhood and in the area are doing. They’re actually tapping into the environment to get data, to get information. So they’re really kind of AI in themselves. What’s happening is they’re looking for patterns and they’re looking for historical things that have occurred so that they can prepare their root systems so they can prepare all of the things that a chain needs in order to make sure the treaty stays thriving, not just surviving, but thriving, growing even in the lean times. A tree is doing this because the tree is programmed like this from the seedling. And the fascinating idea is that we’re all designed for more life. We’re designed for more growth, for more creativity, for more success, and nature’s giving us these signals, but we’re not necessarily applying them to our own lives.

We’re applying them the way school taught us, the way we got an MBA and that taught us or didn’t teach us in many cases. And we’re not really, really tapping into the systems of success. We’re looking around us and we’re comparing ourselves and trees don’t compare themselves. A tree is a tree is a tree. They’re doing what they’re here to do. And are programmed to do, to come up from the seedling and provide and nutrify, the air, the environment, the earth, et cetera. But we as humans, our thinking brains are into, well, we’re going to compare and we get swayed by other people who are doing something that’s more than us, that is somewhat similar to us. And we think, Oh, we got to go over there. We have to do it just like that. And we’re not stacking for our own success. And what I would encourage you to look at this topic and this metaphorical topic about stacking for success is how trees are always preparing.

They’re always preparing for drought. They’re always preparing for wins. Meaning they’re digging the root system deeper. They’re preparing, they’re preparing, they’re preparing, they’re always in some sort of preparation mode. You can see in California that areas where there are a lot of winds, you can see that the Palm trees bend in a particular way and they’re preparing. And you can see giant mighty Oaks preparing. You can see the rain forest and the trees preparing with the leaves that are falling on the ground and stacking the earth for more nutrients to create a fabulous ecosystem. And yet we’re not stacking for success in our own worlds, in our own lives. A tree is real and you can see this in the history of the rings of the tree. You can see when there was a drought, you can see when there was a flood, you could see when they went through a growth spurt.

And you can kind of see from what I’ve heard from the folks who’ve studied these rings, is that you can see a tree starting to prepare for that new environment, meaning storing and securing its future. Are you doing that in your own world? Are you doing that in your health? Are you doing that in your life? Are you doing that in your relationships? Are you doing that in your finances and our finances? We have this really wonky thing that a lot of people have a challenge with. They have a challenge with saving for a rainy day. We were having a conversation in my inner circle group the other day and several of them raised their hand and said, I really don’t like the concept of saving. And it really came down to an attitude and a program and a pattern and a belief that saving was just for a rainy day for Heather.

Then if you look at businesses they’re saving so they can stack for success to buy something, to place ads at a particular time of year to really stack the deck in their favor. Are you doing that in your own life, in the seasons? Are you making sure that your health is stacked for success before the winter? Generally not. You’re just responding and reacting to what is happening in the moment. And so my encouragement to you is to stack for success and learn to stack for success and really tap into a mentor. Trees do this in really fascinating ways. They tap into that root system for that greatest piece of wisdom, those greatest elements of wisdom. That’s kind of like a mentor and a coach. Kind of fascinating how the trees and that whole system is designed for continuous growth and success and thriving. And I would like for you to take that bridge and come across the bridge and say, okay, well how can I do this in my own business?

And one of the things we do with our clients is we help them stack for success. We help them in many ways about stacking their calendar, teaching them how to stack their calendar when things are going hot and heavy and a lot of things are happening, how to stack for financial windfalls, how to stack their mindset. That’s a whole concept that is absolutely essential. You have to learn to stack your mindset because generally you’re in response in react mode and you don’t have a mindset of stacking for success. And there’s a whole new concept there that we teach all of our one-on-one clients. And then we do this in some of our introductory programs like our ignite your prosperity program because that’s teaching people how to stack their bodies and their brains and their pocketbooks and their sales funnels to have that success on an ongoing basis.

But if you want bigger stacks for grander success, then you really want to tap into a system that is going to get you those rewards that are truly unjust than yours. So, we teach stacking for the calendar where we teach mindset stacking. We teach health stacking, which is crucial. Some of those you can find in my books on our shop dot Shavon site. And the other thing we teach people to stack four is to stack for a solid foundation in their startup, their business, or their reset, meaning getting unstuck to the next level and stack that foundation, reset that foundation so that what occurs is the natural root system, the natural growth spurts can occur with much more ease and fluidity and prosperity and grace and naturalness that is going to really help propel one in into, into an upward trending cycle.

So where are you stacking for success? Where do you need to learn to stack for success and where do you need to get your hand pulled up so that you can get into a process that is going to stack for your success, whether it’s your life or your health, or your business. My name is Sheevaun Moran. You can go to and you can start stacking your success by going to the one on one page and there’s a little chat application and just fill that in and we’ll get back to you and have a conversation and see if you’re in a place where you’re ready to have your success stacked and really to get into the mode that is right for you and ripe for you for that next branch. That next burst of growth. Have an awesome day.

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